Did I Make A Mistake?

In a post dated June 8,2015 on my WordPress Blog I stated that I was no longer crazy about using WordPress because they changed it and that my blog page looked funny, I wasn’t happy. Little did I know back then.

Back in June I did not have this web site and thought I needed one. So I created MarioSiART It came with a blog and I thought – “Oh why not stop blogging on WordPress and just blog from this site”. So that is exactly what I did for the past year. And guess what, I have no followers. On WordPress I had/have 106 followers and here zero. I’m not really doing this for the followers – but some would be nice. It helps with my ego…

I’m asking a question. What should I do? Keep both? Post on both? Link one to the other? Any and all advise is welcomed.


I Was Here! And Now I’m There…

03252015 Thank You Card 1 Etsy-02

Thanks to all my followers.

I have moved my blog to my web site.

If you are still interested in following me,

you can follow me at


It’s been a swell 3+ years.




I’m Not That Crazy About WordPress Any More!

They changed it and now my little blog looks funny.

:MarioSiART Facebook Banner-02

My photo’s are so very small.


I’m sure it has something to do with mobile and tablet users.

But the good news is my web site


Comes with a blog and that is now where you will be able to find me.


Hello David!

05302015 David Large Note Card The Face For Etsy_front for etsy

Have you ever seen the statue of David?

It’s very powerful in person.

I did this Black and White study as the way I saw him on my first meeting.

He is massive and he is looking down.

It’s Amazing!

Feel Free To See Him and more at my Etsy Shop.


Interesting Way To Show Your Art

06012015 Childrens Room Setting with Cargo Ship and Light House

I have seen many Etsy Sellers show their artwork in a room setting. It adds scale and can give the buyer a better understaning of how it could look in their home. I created the above using Affinity Photo Beta – It was fun and pretty easy to do.

05262015 Pair Wall Prints Lighthouse and Cargo Ship 11 x 14  for Etsy-01

I’m selling this wall art for a children’s playroom or bedroom in my Etsy Shop.

Maybe There’s A Message In It – Who Knows?

04192015 Maybe-05 04192015 Maybe-06

New Set Of Note Cards

You Can Find Them At My Etsy Shop